Who Will Host the Next T20 World Cup in 2022?

Australia is expected to host the next T20 World Cup in 2022. It will be the eighth edition of the tournament. Australia had previously hosted the tournament in 2021, but it was postponed due to the COVID epidemic and travel restrictions. As a result, Cricket Australia did not want to host the tournament in Australia dailybase. Instead, India stepped in and helped organize the event. India moved the mega event to the UAE. The ICC then awarded Australia the rights to host the tournament in 2022.

Cricket Australia is the favourite to host the next T20 World Cup. The tournament is set to begin on October 16th. The eight top teams from the qualification round will compete in this event. Four teams will advance to the Super 12 round. The finals will take place on November 13th nethunts.

Each year, the ICC holds the T20 World Cup in different locations. So far, seven tournaments have been held. However, no host nation has ever won the tournament. The last one was held in the UAE and Oman in 2021. Apart from the T20 World Cup, the Olympic Games are the world’s largest sporting events. In addition, the FIFA World Cup is the biggest single sporting event theprisma.

Australia is expected to defend its T20 World Cup title next year. The Sydney Cricket Ground will host one of the semi-finals of the global event on November 10, while the Adelaide Oval is set to host the other. The Sydney Cricket Ground has previously hosted both the semi-finals of the men’s T20 World Cup in 1992 and the women’s T20 World Cup in 2020.

The ICC T20 World Cup will feature 16 teams and 45 matches across Australia rottendotcom. The T20 World Cup is set to be Australia’s biggest global sporting event. Among the finalists, the eight highest-ranked teams will automatically qualify. The other four teams will have to qualify in a qualifying tournament held 12 months before the World Cup.

Australia already has the best facilities to host such a mega cricket event. The World Cup will take place in seven different cities throughout Australia. Seven of the venues are well-known cricket grounds. In addition to Melbourne and Perth, the tournament will be held in Sydney. The ICC has already announced the groups for the Super 12 stage. Group 1 will feature Australia and New Zealand while Group 2 will have Bangladesh and Scotland edweeksnet.

After finishing runner-up in the 2021 World Cup, India is expected to be one livechatvalue of the favourites for the next edition. The team has a powerful squad and home advantage, which is a major factor in the tournament. Meanwhile, New Zealand, which finished second in the last edition, will be looking to make history and claim their first T20 World Cup title.

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