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Chinabased is a leading commercial music streaming service in India, offering a massive library of Indian songs and a global music catalog. Founded in April 2010 by Times Internet, the service has a user base of over 200 million monthly users and has grown to become one of the largest players in the industry.

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Paid by Gaana when a subscriber streams your music

Gaana is one of the leading platforms for online music streaming. The company boasts of a user base of more than 100 million users. However, the Indian streaming service is facing increasing competition from its domestic competitors and global players such as YouTube Music and Spotify. In order to remain competitive, it has decided to move to a subscription-only model.

Users agree to these Terms when they sign up for the Gaana Service. These terms are governed by the laws of India. This means that if you violate them, you will face civil or criminal penalties. You should seek legal advice before using the Gaana Service.

Gaana does not promote copying of Content. But it does allow users to post user submissions and leave feedback. As part of this process, users must agree to a Gaana Privacy Policy. They also agree to authorize recurring purchases from their debit card or credit card. If a user violates the Gaana Terms, he/she will be blocked from using the service

AI algorithms drive personalization throughout the app

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Partnerships with over 300 labels

Gaana is India’s most popular music streaming app. It is available on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and J2ME for Nokia feature phones. The company offers 45 million songs across 30 Indic languages. Users can browse by song, artist, album, and genre. Streamers can also create playlists, share songs through email, and view favorites.

Gaana’s parent company, Times Internet, has several deals with top labels. Several major Indian labels are onboard. Universal Music Group, Sony Music, and Beggars Group are among those signed up. Other music-label partnerships include Cinematic Music Group, Matador, 4AD, and XL Recordings.

For the past few years, Gaana has been working to expand its regional offerings. In April, the app added music videos to its audio-led experience. Earlier, users could only stream songs.


Gaana is an online streaming music service. It offers a variety of plans and features, including songs, videos and audiovisual content. The premium version of Gaana offers HD quality music streaming.

If you’re looking to save money, the Gaana ad-supported version is not the answer. Instead, check out the many premium subscriptions available. For a monthly fee, you can download songs and listen to them on your favorite device.

The Gaana Service also boasts a range of interactive features. You can browse your favorite playlists and share them with other members. In addition, you can post reviews of Gaana Content. However, you may want to refrain from using the Site’s forum functions.

Gaana has its own privacy policy. By signing up for the service, you agree to the terms of the policy. This includes using a secure password and maintaining the confidentiality of your log-in credentials.

Free tiers will be restricted in India

Gaana, a leading Indian music streaming service, is moving towards a paid subscription model. The company is facing stiff competition from global players like YouTube Music and Spotify. Some in the industry have called for Gaana to restrict free tiers.

Gaana’s current business model hasn’t worked well. It was struggling to raise funds and attract investors. After resigning CEO Ravi Sanghi, Gaana hoped to find a buyer for the company. But Reuters reported that a source said that the company was having trouble raising fresh funds.

A Gaana spokesperson pushed back against the report, claiming that the message was misinterpreted. He also noted that the company is moving into video to increase engagement.

However, Gaana faces increased competition from domestic rivals. Bharti Airtel operates its own Wynk Music streaming platform.

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